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A wedding in A Cabana de Carmen

, 3 de november de 2013

Last September saw the celebration of a long-expected event very close to our hearts. A Cabana de Carmen was the venue for the wedding of two clients/friends of ours, in whom our establishments has found two loyal customers who thought A Cabana de Carmen and Casa Perfeuto María would be the ideal places to tie the knot. 

We were exceedingly proud that they thought about holding such a special event in our house, especially if we bear in mind that both they and their relatives and friends came from such faraway places. That weekend (and the previous days) saw us working extremely hard, and nervous because we wanted everything to go as well as possible for the bride and groom and their guests. But it was worth our while as we saw that all of them had such a great time.

The weather was not what a bride would have expected, but we had recourse to one of our Spanish sayings – ‘Wet bride, lucky bride’!

Thank you, Dan and Kathleen, for your visit. This one has been the most special of all!