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Friday, 1 de juny de 2018

It is already known that the best food in Spain is in the north and in Galicia, due to its geographical location and the quality of the products, it is surely the right place for those who love good cuisine.

We have good restaurants in Outes, with a wide variety of gastronomic offers that ensures that anyone who visits us can enjoy a good plate of food. We are going to propose some options and you can choose the one that appeals to you most.

For fish and seafood lovers

The Galician rias are very rich in terms of fish and shellfish production, in fact, our region is the main producer of the country. The ria of Muros and Noia, where we are located, stands out for the gathering, above all, of cockles and clams, but in its marine depths we can find an almost infinite biodiversity. Two of the best restaurants in the area located on the dock of O Freixo, our humble but profitable fishing port, benefit from this.

The first stop is Restaurante Pepe do Coxo , a perfect place to taste all the richness of our waters. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, with the freshest products you will find.

Just a few meters away we find Restaurante Ríos, offering us a menu full of delicacies. The base is the same as in the previous case, fresh, high-quality products, but with a more sophisticated touch.

These two restaurants offer us a big bonus: the wonderful views of the ria from the large windows in their dining rooms, which will make our meal more special.

For meat lovers

Although Galicia is a powerhouse when it comes to fish and seafood, we are also great lovers of meat and we have one of the most prestigious designations of origin today, Ternera Gallega  (Galician Veal). It stands out for its intense and pleasant taste with an extraordinary tenderness, juiciness and succulence, aimed at the most exquisite and demanding palates.

At Restaurante Areal, located only a few meters away from our Cabañitas del Bosque, they know a lot about this. Their specialty is grilled meat, and we can assure you that if you are looking for quality meat, you are in the right place. One cannot only live off beef, so they also have Iberian pork of the highest quality, as well as other types of dishes such as cod, pizzas, etc.

For those looking for traditional cuisine

If what you are looking for is traditional Galician cuisine, with products from the garden and traditional dishes from here, like caldo gallego (Galician soup), empanada, etc., but without giving up good meat or a good Galician fish, we also have some options for you.

Very close to our cabins, Restaurante Casa de Roque  offers you a high quality menu at more than reasonable prices. In addition, the place itself is very nice, beautiful and quiet, with a typical Galician stone building and a spectacular natural environment.

Finally, and looking a bit after ourselves, we want to recommend to you Casa Perfeuto María, our rural boarding house. Our dining service offers our guests homemade traditional regional cuisine, following the "zero kilometer" philosophy, with products from the land and sea. In the small dining room of the house, you can taste the most exquisite dishes of the abundant and varied Galician cuisine, always prepared for the occasion upon prior reservation. 
Depending on the season, we use vegetables and other products from the organic fruit and vegetable gardens of the neighbors of our village.


One more reason to visit Outes.